About Julibe

Why Julibe?

My full name is Julian Alberto De Salvador Castañeda, but almost all my friends, colleagues I work with and people who know me call me Julibe. Go ahead if you want to call me by this nickname, I like to maintain a relationship of trust but I always respect my clients (let's say that using this name is a way to break the ice). 

Some history: When I was a child at school, my classmates called me "Juliberto", the union of "Julian" and "Alberto" (albert). As time went by that name was reduced or even enlarged some friends today call me "Julibertous", or simply "Juli" but I prefer Julibe

What do I do?

As you can imagine I am a graphic designer

My role is to project messages in order to make a product more pleasant or to make it look as planned, emphasizing and improving its characteristics. My job is not just about arranging a photo or drawing, it is about making a product that I know is liked by your customers. 

When working in media such as the Internet or mobile applications, as a designer I have to break the barriers, wrap my designs with graphic tools such as video sound and especially interactivity, which will make your product multiply its value considerably. 

Think that my services are an investment, never an expense...

About Phanto

Hello! i'm Phanto

Many think that my name is Julibe, but it is not, my name is Phanto, more specifically Phantolon Enikmatikus Luxiusto II, but just for short Phanto. 

For me it is an honor to be confused with my master and creator Julibe, and I think you already know why... Julibe is amazing and everything he does is great, my role is simply to accompany all the wonderful work that my creator does, another of my Jobs is just smiling at the world... And you know, I think I'm really good at this.

Now seriously ... Why is my logo a ghost?

It's very simple as a designer, my goal is to make a product look more pleasant, so I made the decision to take something that almost all cultures in the world see as something negative or macabre, perhaps the representation of the unknown, basically I wanted something that represent negative feelings, for example; pain, fear, madness, loss, etc. and turn all this into something completely opposite, that was my challenge. 

I took a ghost because it is common in almost all cultures, ghost appearances in most contemporary cultures are associated with the sense of fear. Movies, novels, TV series, reality shows, and others always associate it with fear. 

I think with that logo I achieved my goal, or perhaps are you afraid of Phanto?

Why the smile?

Many say that the best way to interact with someone or start a conversation is with a smile ... No matter where in the world you are, everyone understands it. 

But who is Julibe?

My personality

I am Julibe, I am an introvert person, very serious, cordial and kind. I like to do things by myself and keep my group of friends small. This does not mean that I lack social skills when I'm speaking with a client, giving a lecture or a class I can do it without problem as long as it is a subject that I dominate. 


We are a close family, I am the youngest son of four (two sisters and one brother), we are several years apart and I get along well with everyone. One of my sisters had 2 pretty girls and now my family is much bigger. 

I love to be uncle.!

What do I like to do?

  • In short, I am a GEEK, a person who has very different tastes from what is socially established. 
  • I love video games, from the classics to the next generation, I always look forward to a new game. 
  • I have seen for many years anime, those Japanese drawings with giant eyes, there is something in the anime that I cannot leave, I am over 30 years old and I still see it as if I were eight years old. As a graphic designer I am a lover of animation, but this goes further, I watch anime in Japanese, I learned Japanese and I extremely enjoy a good manga (comic from which anime are based).

    I have hundreds of anime recommendations in case you are interested, leave a message and I will make excellent recommendations that you have most likely never seen. 

What else do I like?

  • I love technology I always have gadgets and devices with little lights that do interesting things, in my room there are tons of technological devices, with the naked eye we can see how eight screens of different devices are all working and in the very near future there will be more.
  • One of my great passions are comics, DC (Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Justice League, etc.) and Marvel (Spider-man, X-MEN, Avengers, etc.) are my favorites, although I also read comics from other publishers, Batman is my favorite superhero.

    One of the things I appreciate the most about comics is art, I can see the art for hours and I don't get tired without even having read a fragment of the text that is written. Someone once said; "What if we take the best artist and best writer in the world and put them to work together? We will get the best comic in the world ”.

What I don't like?

  • This is a delicate subject but I don't like politics, I don't vote
  • As I mentioned above I am an introvert therefore I am not comfortable in a group of more than two or three people. (Ironically, I have no problem teaching a class or lecture).
  • Something I do not like is the scandalous music.
  • I hate thieves with my soul, especially those who hurt people by taking away their belongings. 

  • More than I do not like, I cannot read books (I have dyslexia), I find it really hard to understand a simple paper (I have to be recursive and have it read to me).
  • I love movies but I can't stand independent or art cinema.

If you are bored and have nothing to see on TV, just ask me and I will make an excellent recommendation...

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