Celsius - Amaretto
Almonds born of this unique and sophisticated flavor that is capable of leading the simple to the biggest feast of flavors.
Sip into Celcius sophistication, with an exquisite blend of Amaretto, almonds & orange oils. Elevate your coffee ritual to unprecedented heights!
Indulge in the sophisticated charm of Celcius 🍾 Spicy Coolness Amaretto, a unique blend featuring almonds from Italy’s Piedmont region, orange oils, aniseed, and amaretti biscuits. Elevate your coffee experience with this exquisite fusion of flavors that promises a journey of taste and refinement. Share your thoughts on this elegant blend that transcends the ordinary.
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Experience the refined fusion of coffee and amaretto with Celcius 🍾 Spicy Coolness. A sensory adventure awaits – raise your glass to elegance!

Month: February 2015

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