Celcius - Cinnamon
The ideal cereal for a cozy home-style breakfast or brunch.
Savor the warmth of Celcius and a Cinnamon Symphony, a cozy coffee with cereal taste that brings a charm to your mornings. Discover more with every sip!
Celcius 🥧 Tender & Lovely Cinnamon, where a delightful coffee-flavored drink awaits to bring a cozy charm to your mornings. Crafted with love and the perfect blend of cinnamon, every sip is a journey into flavor and warmth. Share the delightful experience with your loved ones and make every morning a moment to cherish.
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Savor the delightful moments with Celcius 🥧 Tender & Lovely Cinnamon—a perfect coffee-flavored companion for your mornings!

Celcius 🥧 Tender & Lovely Cinnamon

The ideal cereal for a cozy home-style breakfast or brunch.

Full of flavor and a great combination of ingredients to satisfy your family with love in every bite.

Our mild formula is designed to work hard when you do, yet still feel light enough not to be overpowering. It reminds you of cozy nights around a crackling fire while the cinnamon burns away with smoke.

Embark on a journey with the warm embrace of cinnamon!

How does the aromatic dance of cinnamon spice up your moments? 🤔

Share your thoughts and relish in the cozy allure!

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