About Julibe

Hello! I am a freelance Front-End designer and developer.

My name is Julian Alberto De Salvador Castañeda (Julibe), I am also passionate in designing and creating web applications. .

I work as a freelance Front-End designer and developer of web applications, dynamic interfaces, multimedia, online mini-games and Apps for mobile devices.

I live and work in Bogotá, Colombia.

I am interested in the entire Front-End spectrum and working on hands-on projects with positive people.

I have more than 12 years of professional experience inside and outside the country in the area of Web Design for Interactive Media and dynamic interfaces.

I am professionally connected with information technology and web development industry for many years.

I am a well organized person, problem solver, independent with great attention to detail. Fan of television series, movies and especially video games.

Currently, I work as a provider of professional services for several clients or companies, designer and developer of independent digital projects.

I teach animation and design for Digital Interfaces and Programming Languages for designers. 

I am a family person, therefore, distance employment (freelance) is preferred.

& experience

My main area of expertise is Front-End development.

I focus on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., I build small and medium web applications with custom plugins, features, animations and coding of interactive designs.

I also have vast experience as a developer of open-source tools like WordPress, including the development of plugins and themes.

Español 100%
English 99%
HTML 95%
CSS / LESS 95%
JavaScript 85%
WordPress 80%
PHP 79%
UI Design 75%
Illustrator 70%
Photoshop 70%
TheeJS 60%
Node.JS 57%
React.JS 55%
SQL 50%
Python 30%

+12 years

of accumulated experience.


I love to code things from scratch, and I enjoy bringing ideas to life in the web browser, always writing clean, elegant and efficient code.

Very fast

I guarantee fast delivery times and interaction without delays.


My designs will work on any device, big or small.


Strong emphasis on GUI, intuitive and easy to use UX / UI.


Web pages don't have to be static, my emphasis is on bringing them to life.


I appreciate the simple content structures, clean design patterns, and thoughtful interactions.


I like to help other designers work on their craft.

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