Celcius - Tropical
From the exotic Caribbean islands, we bring a wide variety of fruits which in themselves are impressive but with our exquisite secret combination creates an explosion of flavors that’s unmatched.
Escape to a tropical paradise with Celcius, a coffee that captures the essence of exotic fruits. Each sip is a journey to sunsets on the beach.
Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with Celcius 🌴 Sunny Wave of Tropical Flavor. Crafted with a blend of special ingredients and expert craftsmanship, this coffee promises an explosion of exotic flavors, from ripe pineapples to refreshing coconut. Immerse yourself in the bliss of sunsets on the beach with every sip.
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Embark on a flavor adventure with Celcius 🌴 Sunny Wave of Tropical Flavor. Experience the bliss of exotic fruits in every cup. Sip the sunset with us!

Day: March 1, 2015

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