Phanto - Size Demo
Get ready for an extraordinary sight as Phanto, the friendly ghost, steps into the real world, revealing his true size compared to a human!📸
A symbol of urban craftsmanship
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Obratek 👷Masterpiece of Urban Branding

A symbol of urban craftsmanship

Obratek - Logo Presentation

A masterpiece of urban branding that transcends traditional boundaries. Each slide is a canvas showcasing the emblematic logo, a symbol of Obratek’s craftsmanship in urban design. The presentation unfolds like a visual narrative, depicting the transformative journey from concept to reality. Obratek’s logo in this setting is more than a mark; it’s a representation of their dedication to shaping a sustainable and progressive urban landscape. Immerse yourself in the artistry of Obratek’s design philosophy through this presentation logo—an icon of innovation and commitment.

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